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Creating easy-to-use data tools for MySQL databases since 2007

StarSoft Software is an online software development company located in Alexandria, Egypt. We've been providing effective yet affordable solutions since 2007.

Our main market is small Internet development teams and individuals who need low cost effective solutions and personalized support services. This is exactly what we are committed to providing.

With StarSoft , it's all about you! Our professional services and tools are here to help support your business, giving it the competitive edge it needs for its competitive market. One of our main goals is to provide you with high quality software which is capable of improving your overall business performance and to this day, we haven't failed to do just that

We outsource the entire ordering process to 2checkout , an online order processing system that provides an excellent solution for software developers at a very reasonable cost. This minimizes our overhead costs, thus enabling us to offer the highest value to our clients at a very affordable price

Our Products

In addition to Smart Pivot table generator, we provide other products for MySQL database. You can find more information about our products for MySql from this link

You don't need to be an expert to take advantage of our available software. Everything we offer is simplified so even the casual computer user can use our software with ease. If you ever do have any problems though, you can always get in touch with our professional and knowledgeable customer service that will be more than happy to assist you with any issues that you are experiencing. No matter what your question is, we will always respond to you personally. We don't use auto-responders and we definitely don't use any automated answering services.

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We value our users' responses and inquiries and we reply personally to each question we receive. No auto responders and no dummy automated answering machines are used! Please place your question in our support system