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FAQ About Smart Pivot Table Generator

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How secure will my purchase be?

Payment is made through 2Checkout, which is a proven, highly reliable company with a solid history of providing secure payment processing with a high level of customer satisfaction.

How long does it take to complete the purchase process?

After clicking the “Buy Now” button, you will be directed to 2Checkout to complete the purchase, which usually doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

Do I need Microsoft Excel to use Smart Pivot table generator?

Absolutely not. You can generate web based pivot tables from data in your MySQL database without having to install Microsoft Excel, but it is supported just in case you need to export the data into a spreadsheet sometime in the future.

What are the system requirements of Smart Pivot table generator?

  • A web server Apache / IIS
  • PHP version 5 or higher
  • Any version of MySQL

When should I use the pagination option?

If the table includes a large amount of columns or rows or if you want to display the pivot table in several pages

Why there are two types of pagers?

There are two pagers one for the columns and another one for the rows to be able to scroll your pivot horizontally and/or vertically .

What if my data is stored in separate MySQL tables ?

No problems, Smart Pivot table generator can create pivot table to summarize data in multiple tables.