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Tighter Security for your pivot tables

Password protects your pivot tables for greater data security.

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Automatically Update Data

This completely interactive and dynamic product even automatically updates your web based pivot tables whenever the database has been updated with new information

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Change Your Pivot Table’s Appearance with a Few Clicks

With its user friendly interface and simple navigation, Smart Pivot table Generator allows you to easily change the appearance of the web based pivot tables you create.

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Display Only the Data You Need

Have your pivot table focus only on the information you need by hiding the columns of data you don’t need, and choosing only the month or year from the date information in your database.

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Move Quickly and Easily Among Large Amounts of Data

Use the optional pagination feature to easily navigate between multiple pages with large numbers of columns or rows.

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Easy Installation

With no script editor or third party extension framework necessary, the installation process is incredibly simple.

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Stop writing Code

Create concise and informative web based pivot tables for any type of data summary without writing any code or conducting any database queries. With Smart Pivot table Generator, you get one of the easiest and most affordable tools available for converting raw data from MySQL databases into web based pivot tables.

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Seamlessly Export Pivot Tables to Excel

If you need to convert your data into spreadsheets, Smart Pivot table Generator will simply and seamlessly export your pivot table’s data into Excel.

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Easier Numerical Calculations

Let Smart Pivot table Generator automatically perform numerical calculations such as sum, average, min, max, and count.

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Pull Data from Multiple MySQL Tables

Easily create web based pivot tables using data from multiple related MySQL tables.