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Pivot tables Values

In this section you need to define what should appear in the "Values" area of the pivot table. You need to specify:

  • The name of the database table and column that stores the data that you want to list in the "values" area, which is the body of your pivot table
  • The Smart Pivot table generator gives you the ability to list data exactly as they are in your database or to further process them with a mathematical function. For example, you can create a pivot table for the average sales per department.
Table Relations

Table relations

This section should be used to define table relationships if your data is stored in separate tables. You shouldn't see this section at all if the MySQL Table in the "Column Labels", "Row Labels" and "Values " area is the same table. You need to define the parent table, primary key, child table and the foreign key. If your data is stored in two tables with a many-to-many relationship (a Join table is used), you will need to define the relationship between each one of your two tables and the Join table.